Bulawayo Youth Council Embarks On A Clean-Up Campaign

The Bulawayo Youth Council (BYC) in partnership with Bulawayo City Council (BCC), Green Pride and the Evangelical Fellowship of Zimbabwe held a clean-up campaign in the Bulawayo Central Business District. The objective of the clean up was to commemorate International Environment Day which is a day that is set aside to stimulate worldwide awareness of the environment and to enhance political attention and action.

The Mayor of Bulawayo, Mr Martin K Moyo addressed the young people before the clean up commenced. He reflected on the importance of keeping the city of Bulawayo clean in order to uphold its status as the cleanest city in Zimbabwe.

“Bulawayo is still one of the cleanest cities in the world; therefore people need to maintain these clean standards. Clean up campaigns are excellent initiatives especially when youths are involved in the process,” said the Mayor, who also encouraged young people to carry out more initiatives like this in order to inculcate a culture of cleanliness in the city.

During the clean up, there was a realization that the main sources of litter in the CBD were campaign posters that had been scattered all over the city during the election campaign period. Young people suggested that the city becomes stricter in implementing its bylaws where citizens are supposed to seek permission to stick posters around the city and take the responsibility of pulling them down afterwards. This would ensure that the city was in a constant state of cleanliness.

The youth councillors also managed to collect more cans and plastic bottles for their recycling project which seeks to raise funds for their various developmental projects. Such an environmentally friendly way of raising funds was commended by the partner institutions that encouraged the youth councillors to continue promoting a green society.

As a way of advocating for a clean city, the youth councillors recommended that the NYDT should put up branded bins around Bulawayo. The Cleanup Campaign was an initiative of the BYC, which is part of NYDT’s Local Youth Councils.  More community projects are expected to be implemented by the BYC for the benefit of young people in the city of Bulawayo.  


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