International Youth Day Commemoration

NYDT joins the rest of the world in commemorating World Youth Day under the theme Building a better world, partnering with the youth. This theme is commemorated in line with five priority areas under the UN System Wide Action Plan on Youth which include:
• Employment,
• Entrepreneurship,
• Education (including sexual and reproductive health)
• Political Inclusion
• Citizenship and Protection of rights

As the world commemorates this day it is pivotal that Zimbabwe conducts introspection on the attempts at supporting the key youth priorities under the Youth Action Plan. The International Youth day is equivocal in recognizing and appreciating the youths as central towards the development of the world in general and country in particular.
As much as NYDT recognises attempts at youth inclusion and government supporting initiatives that are: The development of the National Youth Policy, the establishment of the Youth Funds and inclusion by the Indigenization and Medium Term Plan policies.
However efforts must be enforced by the government in partnership with other stakeholders in promoting Youth initiatives in Zimbabwe.
We strongly implore that political parties should mainstream the total inclusion of youths as key decision makers and proponents in party policy developments
We underline the critical need to implement the MTP in totality as it promotes entrepreneur development and attempts to reduce the unemployment rate from 80 percent to close to 55 percent
We encourage the Government to strategically partner with NGOs and Civic Society Organisations in promoting youth awareness on various issues that contribute towards national development.
We recommend that issues that promote youth development in totality should not be used as a smokescreen for political aggrandizement and machinations, instead they should be a base in developing a prosperous generation.

Building a better world, partnering with the youth


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