NYDT’s Position on the Draft Constitution

National Youth Development Trust held a youth Convention on the 23rd of June 2012. One of the key outputs from the Youth Convention were the non-negotiable benchmarks that ought to be factored in the draft constitution.
The current draft constitution has managed to factor critical issues raised by the youths during the Youth Convention these issues are:

• Broad based bill of rights that safeguards the right to education, shelter, health and life.
• Establishment of the Independent Commissions. The commissions that have since been proposed in the draft constitution include the Zimbabwe Electoral Commission, Zimbabwe Human Rights Commission, Zimbabwe Gender Commission, National Peace and Reconciliation Commission and the Anti- Corruption Commission.
• A clear recognition of 16 official languages in Zimbabwe.
• The inclusion of the citizenship clause that ensures that youths are registered under the Zimbabwean law

However, the Draft Constitution as per the expectations of the youth did not recognise:

1. The establishment of an Independent National Youth Commission to support youth economic and social developments programmes.
2. A shift in the majority age from 18 to 16 years and the call for young people in that age to be allowed to vote and be voted for political office. The law recognises that at 16 anyone can choose a life partner if that is so why not be allowed to make a decision about voting.
3. The total inclusion of devolution of power as a part of the governance architecture. Currently the draft contains a watered down version of devolution which is not clear on fiscal devolutions and has no provisions for the direct election of provincial governors into office.

NYDT will continue engaging with other stakeholders to ensure that the youth convention resolutions at the convention are factored into the 2nd draft before it goes for a referendum


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