Magwegwe Youths Graduate From Community Initiative

Twenty six (26) female youths graduated from Meisha School of hairdressing, cutting and designing at Magwegwe Club last week. The graduates received skills training that was facilitated by a group of young people from Magwegwe including Ward 18 councilor, Mgcineni Ndlovu.
The youths took the initiative with the aim of providing an opportunity for young people to take charge of their own livelihoods. Training was done in two houses within Magwegwe suburb after the youths failed to get clearance from the Bulawayo City Council (BCC) to use the Magwegwe Youth Club as a venue for their projects.
“We realized that lack of opportunities that generate income for young people is one of the reasons that make them susceptible to abuse by some politicians to perpetrate violence during election campaigns,” said the youth councilor. He went ahead to appeal for projects that will help youths in Magwegwe generate income and keep unemployed youths off the street as these would minimize hooligan behavior among young people.
The NYDT facilitated discussion with Magwegwe residents on Exploring Opportunities For Youth Participation In The Forthcoming Referendum And General Elections at the graduation ceremony. More than 50 young people who attended the event were encouraged to actively and positively participate in elections. Youth participation in electoral processes was identified as the starting point in empowering them to demand accountability from elected leaders.


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