Education gives youths a fighting chance – Delta Milayo Ndou

Youths have been advised to take their education seriously as it is their way to a better life and even leadership positions. Speaking at a leadership forum meeting held by NYDT at Cillas Conference centre in Bulawayo on the 23rd of July 2011, renowned journalist, feminist and activist, Delta Ndou, shared with the youths her experiences of life as a role model in her community and lessons that could be drawn in that regard. She pointed out that as much as one might clamor about various inconsistencies in the country, what as Zimbabwean we should be proud of is the educational policy which she said is by far better than that of other countries. She said this is the reason why youths should be encouraged to further their studies because apart from everything else , “education gives you a fighting chance”. She narrated her life experience of growing up as an orphan and how education has managed to catapult her to be where she is today.

She further encouraged young females to take up opportunities to better themselves and not be clouded by the belief that boys are better than them in any respect. Responding to questions from the floor, Delta pointed out that affirmetive action had become an overstated issue which females tended not to exploit fully. She stated that what is imperative now is the complete change of the female mindset to that of being proactive in challenging patriarchal norms.

As further encouragement to females that attended the forum, Ndou added that “there are many currencies you can use to pay life, it is upto you to choose whether you want to pay it with sweat or tears”. This came as an encouragement to youths to be hardworking and not expect favours and handouts from life. Youths were encouraged to identify key strategic points for their self development as the leaders of this country. Ndou’s calls come at a time when Zimbabwe and indeed many other African countries are failing to meet the minimum requirements of females in high ranking positions in national institutions.

The leadership forum is a brainchild of NYDT, launched to give young people an opportunity to hear from local and national leaders about their rise to the prominent positions they now hold. Youths have applauded the initiative as a means of showing them that nothing is cast in stone but that they can change their lives if they work hard and think positively about the direction they want them to take.



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