Cabinet responds positively to Youth concerns on the National Youth Service programme.

NYDT would like to commend Zimbabwe’s leadership for recommending that the National Youth Service Programme proposal presented to cabinet last Tuesday by Youth Development, Indigenisation and Empowerment Minister, Saviour Kasukuwere, be reworked before it is even considered for implementation.

This was considered after serious lobbying from NYDT which has circulated a position paper pointing out the weaknesses of launching such a program under the country’s current political, economic and social environment. According to The Independent newspaper website (Friday, July 08 2011) “The divisive issue was extensively discussed for about one and three quarter hours. In the end it was resolved that Kasukuwere should go back and consult so that he could take into account concerns of stakeholders”.

Another private newspaper, The Newsday (Friday July 08 2011) reported that Deputy Minister for youth Mr Matutu concurred with a recent policy position taken by NYDT on the NYS stating that the programme could only be acceptable if there was a buy in from youth from across the political divide.

The Newsday reported that  “Matutu said NYS would be wholly efficient if there was a buy-in from youths across the political divide…Before it was suspended in 2007, people came to associate the programme with violence and partisanship, so people are talking from history because they are aware that the trained youths were made to unleash violence on communities,”

In its policy position paper titled National Youth Service: its feasibility and efficiency in the current dispensation, NYDT points out that the programme, while being a good initiative, may have negative effects if implemented without wider consultation especially with youth groups, independent from political interference. It also pointed out the need for the rebranding of the programme which has become linked with politically motivated violence and human rights abuses.


It is our hope that the Youth Minister will take the necessary steps to involve more stakeholders as well as take into account the considerations made above in order for this programme to be successful and of great benefit to the nation as a whole. NYDT will continue lobby government on various issues that affect the youth constituency with regards to policy formulation.



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  1. Posted by Jay on July 12, 2011 at 2:19 pm

    Yes we want to see a change in this programme. Something has to be done.


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