Review of weekend events

Capacity Building Workshop– 41 youths in Lupane- Matabeleland North province participated in a one day Capacity building workshop held at the Lupane Women’s Centre on Friday 17 June. The workshop equipped youths with skills on leadership, community involvement and participation, mobilizing for change, lobbying and advocacy as well as community development. The workshop was aimed at offering youths the necessary skill to be proactive in decision making at grassroots level and on relevant issues in their communities. Pinned to these discussion points was the need for youths to proactively participate in the forth coming elections as the majority and as responsible citizens of Zimbabwe. This issue dovetails neatly with the election debate that was unrolled by NYDT last month at youth policy dialogue and focus group meetings.

Lupane Youth Council in Full council Session: Youth Councilors in Lupane sat in for their full council session on Saturday 18th of June 2011. This becomes the 2nd session to be held since their election early this year. The youth council session was held at Lupane Women’s Centre where the youth councilors reflect on the progress they have made in the last few months as well as made recommendations on the programmes to be implemented before the next session. This session was historic in that the youth councilors managed to adopt the Lupane Youth council’s Handbook which acts as a magna carta to the proceedings of the council. The Handbook is a binding document to both the Youth Councilors and National Youth Development Trust (NYDT). Another positive from the session was that the Councilors managed to form their committees which include, the Disciplinary Committee, Information and Publicity, Fundraising and Programs. These Committees were in line with parameters set in the Handbook

Policy Dialogue meeting- 18 youths attended this policy dialogue meeting in Masinyane area, on the 18th of June 2011, to discuss the topic Youth mobilization for meaningful participation in the forthcoming elections. The objective of the meeting was to provide the marginalized young women and men of Lupane, a platform to discuss the forthcoming election issue as well as interact with the local leadership on policy issues. At this meeting young people expressed concern on rushing elections when there was still a lot of politically motivated violence talking place in rural Zimbabwe. They called on their local leaders to advocate for peace not be the gang leaders in instances of political clashes which has been the case during many election periods.

Focus Group Discussion (Gender)- NYDT, in line with its gender policy and gender mainstreaming stance, convened a gender focus group discussion in Lupane on Saturday 18th of June 2011. The Discussion aimed at provided participants with an overview of gender issues, concerns, strategies and ways in which they can engage in community issues with a sensitive focus on gender. The whole platform was oriented towards enhancing young people’s knowledge on gender issues as well as allowing them to share on how they feel gender disparities can be adequately addressed in their respective communities. The activity was attended by 30 youths of which 27 of them were females.


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