NYDT Hosts US Ambassador and Cowdray Park Youths


  1. 1.      NYDT Hosts US Ambassador

The National Youth Development Trust (NYDT) on the 15th of June 2011 hosted the United States Ambassador, Charles Ray, at the Brethren in Christ church in Cowdray Park. The event was attended by approximately 60 young people from the suburb who interfaced with the ambassador on issues of youth empowerment, community involvement and participation. The Ambassador encouraged young people to take charge of their destiny through converting their obstacles into opportunities for growth. He urged young people to take up volunteerism as a means of community development and nation building.

  1. 2.      NYDT Commemorates the Day Of The African Child

i.            Youth Indaba – More than 300 young people convened at the Bulawayo Theatre to commemorate the Day of The African Child. The organisation provided a forum for young people to discuss, voice concerns and proffer recommendations issues that affect young people. The topics under discussion included the Background of the Day of the African Child and Its Relevance To Young People’s Struggles in Zimbabwe, Constitution Making Process: Exploring Opportunities For Effective Youth Participation In The Remaining Stages, Elections in Zimbabwe: An Overview and Youth Participation, Youth Economic Empowerment In Zimbabwe: Successes and Failures  in the areas of mobilizing youth for elections and ways in which young people can effectively participate in elections, youth participation in the remaining stages of the constitution and youth economic empowerment. The forum also provided an opportunity for young people to reflect on the struggles of young people in the quest of improving their livelihoods.  An energetic group of participants drawn from NYDT structures, civic society, political parties and from arts groups.

ii.            Public Speaking – A schools public speaking competition was conducted at the Academy of Music. An approximate number of 375 students and teachers drawn from twenty (20) schools in Bulawayo participated in this event. This was a platform of active engagement, critical thinking by young people as they debated on topics ranging from the Day of the African Child, reforms to the current education system and the Ministry of Youth, Indigenisation and Empowerment.  The top three schools which outcompeted their counterparts in order of success included Townsend High School, Northlea High School and Cowdray Park High School.

  1. Leadership Forum – More than 300 young people converged at the Bulawayo Theatre for a Leadership Forum, which was facilitated by Cont Mhlanga. The forum was oriented towards bringing a renowned community leader to share experiences, milestone achievements and challenges faced in their leadership journey and how they have countered such disparities in a bid to inspire young people. In addressing young people on his leadership journey in establishing Amakhosi Theatre, Mhlanga urged young people to take part in the socio-economic and political spheres and channel their energy in positive light. He spoke of leadership as a journey in which one has to negotiate their way through in order to achieve set dreams and goals.

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