Youths call for more registration centres

The youths of Entumbane suburb in Bulawayo have demanded that the Registrar General’s office to open more registration centres to enable them to obtain identity documents and to register as voters ahead of the referendum and impending general elections in Zimbabwe. This came about in a focus Group Meeting organized by NYDT on youth participation in elections. The meeting was called in view of the possibility of elections and or constitutional referendum to be held in Zimbabwe. NYDT and other stakeholders face the daunting task of encouraging youths to register to vote and to participate in national processes where they have been previously marginalized or simply shunned to participate.
The enraged youths called on the Registry offices to increase their accessibility and mobile registration centres. They also threatened to take the Registrar General’s office to task over the deprivation of their right to identity particulars and right to participate in national processes. There are allegedly three registration centres where youth can obtain registration documents and register as voters, that is in the city centre Registry Offices, in Nketa, Pumula surbubs . These centres have been poorly advertised and have been pathetic in servicing the youth constituency who also do not have resources to commute to these centres to register.
Lack of identity particulars, non-registration, poor voter education and other factors have resulted in minimal youth participation in elections in the past. NYDT shall continue to provide democratic platforms for Zimbabwean youths to engage and contribute meaningfully towards national processes.


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