Zimbabwe Youth Council (ZYC): a disappointment to Zimbabwe’s democratic aspirations: By Eric Donald

The Zimbabwe Youth Council has proved beyond reasonable doubt that they cannot upholdthe democratic principles desired by the youth of Zimbabwe. Very few youths in high schools know of the existence of this body and those that have heard it can bearly define its functions.

As youths, we constantly hear about youth empowerment yet there are hardly any platforms that allow us to debate and express our points of view on national issues. Right now the government is drawing up a new constitution, fellow youths, is this not the time for us to also demand a system that will properly facilitate free and fair Child Parliamentary elections?

When was the last time you heard of the Child Parliament passing an effective policy? If the child parliament cannot listen to our grievances or at least speak in a united voice that is not politically biased, then I find the child parliament to be an utterly useless instrument to youth development.

If there is a constitution that regulates the activities of Z.Y.C, then we demand to see this constitution. There is the issue of decentralization which is affecting several government ministries yet it seems our very own Z.Y.C is reluctant to decentralize.

If Donald Charumba (ZYC Chairman) is a true leader of the youth, we demand that he should come to Bulawayo and indeed to other parts of the country and address the youths in these places and not just the junior senators and M.Ps.

Donald Charumba is the president of Z.Y.C and we were never asked to vote for a candidate to this post. The government should give us the right to vote for the Z.Y.C presidency. Candidates for this post should come from all ten provinces. A leader must be chosen by the people and not appointed by government. We demand a review of Z.Y.C and its functions.

I am a young and aspiring politician, and I am disgusted by the state of youth democracy in my country. If our nation is ever going to move forward, then the first step is to grant freedom of expression to all youths, regardless of their political affiliation, gender, race or class. We want to hear of the government sitting in parliament to discuss legislations proposed by us the youth. The time for change is now.

(The opinions in this article are not the views of NYDT but of the writer)

This opinion peace was sent in by Eric Donald, an A’Level student at one of Bulawayo’s High Schools and an aspiring Politician. He can be emailed on eric.donald7@yahoo.com or comments can be left on this site. If you are a young person (15-35) and would like to send in an opinion piece on issues that affect you and your peers, please email us on nydtzim@gmail.com.


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