Review of NYDT’s Weekend events

The National Youth Development Trust (NYDT) held a number of youth activities over the weekend of 16 April 2011 that included Peace Training workshops in Matabeleland North and South towns of Hwange and Beitbridge respectively and a Sports for Peace festival in Matabeleland South’s town of Gwanda.
Beitbridge: NYDT held a Peace Training workshop In Beitbridge’s Londa attended by a total of 39 youths, 20 females and 21 males to be exact. Young people came from different parts of Beitbridge including Tongwe, Vhembe and Dulibadzimu. The training was specially designed to provide youths with skills to confront conflict situations in a peaceful manner in their respective areas. Many young people professed no knowledge of what National Healing is, the existence of an Organ on national healing and the ministers in charge of it. They appealed to NYDT to help enlighten them on these issues and requested a for a roundtable platform for youths in Beitbridge where they can engage with the ministers on a wide range of issues pertaining to National healing.
Hwange: A Peace Training workshop was also held in Hwange at Empumalanga Hall and was attended by 18males and 12 females. The participants represented a new dimension to the struggles of young people in Zimbabwe as most of them bemoaned the fact that, despite being born and raised and have never left the small coal mining town, many of them are still regarded as aliens. This is because of the foreign status of their parents who hail from countries like Malawi, Mozambique and Zambia. They highlighted that many of them have been unable to secure birth or national identity documents. For some, even with these documents, they could not participate politically even in elections because they are regarded as aliens. They strongly castigated the recruitment of workers from outside Hwange town to work at the colliery at the expense of locals leaving them jobless and vulnerable to social, economic and political ills. They pointed out the above issues as major causes of conflict and tension in the town, not only between the leadership and residents but also amongst the youths themselves especially during election time.
Gwanda: A Sports for Peace Festival was held in Gwanda town over the weekend and drew a crowed of well over 250 participants and observers at Samlodi Primary School. The festival saw four soccer teams namely Samlodi, Silonga, Bhalula, Pulipeli, battle it out for the top prize with Silonga taking the top prize of soccer kits and balls. Women’s teams competed in the netball category where three teams Samlodi,Bhalula and Silokwe took the challenge and were overcome by Samlodi women’s team. During plenary discussions held between breaks, young people at the event raised the issues that there was need to shun violence and contribute to national processes for the development and progression in nation building. They sighted that there is limited civic activity and hence participation in Gwanda and called on organizations like NYDT to take an active interest in the town to further engage the youth constituents on issues of nation building.


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