NYDT trains 30 district youth representatives in Peace Building and Conflict Transformation

NYDT has successfully trained a total of 30 young people to further train their peers in their respective communities on peace building and conflict transformation.
The Training of Trainers (T.O.T) workshop held over the weekend of 12 February and involved participants from 10 districts including Matobo, Binga, Beitbridge, uMguza, Gwanda, Hwange, Bulawayo and Plumtree amongst others. The T.O.T covered trainings in Human Rights Monitoring and Reporting, Conflict Analysis and Transformation, Peace Building, Counseling and Trauma Healing, Citizen reporting and Leadership amongst other pertinent topics in peace building.

“We noted that very few organizations, let alone individuals were taking an active part towards transforming their communities into peaceful zones” said NYDT Director General Liberman Bhebhe. “As a youth organization we saw it fit to set an example and the agenda for peace building in our communities because so far little has been done even by the Organ on National Healing, Reconciliation and Integration (ONHRI) itself.”
With this training youths are competent enough to hold peace meetings and impart relevant information to young people on how to transform possible conflict situations into peacefully resolved incidents in their communities.
At a recent round table meeting held by NYDT with Minister M. Mzila Ndlovu, he pledged to ensure that young people are included at every process and level of the organ’s peace building processes. He also called upon NYDT to create more platforms for young people to engage each other on peace building issues. It is in this light that NYDT has launched its Peace building workshops, to ensure that youths, who have been accused of being used as perpetrators of political violence, are the peace initiators in their communities.
Watch out for a peace building workshop in your area. Peace a part of the peaceful transformation you want to see in your communities.


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