Nkulumane and Pumula youth engage through sport

NYDT Programmes manager Mmeli Dube stresses a point on elections at the Sports festival

Nkulumane and Pumula youths had the rare opportunity to interact and share through their involvement in a Community Youth Sports for Leadership tournament organised by NYDT under the Youth Information and Leadership Project on Saturday 8 November.
Mayenziwe Ground in Nkulumane 12 was a hive of activity as hundreds of young people came together in a rare show of unity, teamwork and sportsmanship. The main objective of the event was to gather young men and women in a friendly atmosphere of mutual co-operation to discuss issues that affect them and possible leadership interventions.
Soccer and netball were the main activities of the day pitting Nkulumane and Pumula youths against each other. Nkulumane took prizes for both battles walking away with prize money, t-shirts and soccer balls.
After the games, the youths were fired up and ready to meaningfully engage on nation building issues as they were asked to give their views on the topic, ‘Elections speculated for 2011. What does it mean to the youth?’ The general consensus was that most youths are not ready for the polls. They prophesied ignorance on voter registration process, the youth age-range, referendum, constitution, national youth policy and many other pertinent governance and developmental issues.

Participants urged NYDT to conduct more capacity building and information dissemination activities. The organisation shall continue to develop the capacity of young people to fully and meaningfully utilise their numerical and other advantages to influence material changes in the country’s socio-political, economic and cultural spheres.



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