National Youth Development Trust Statement.

    NYDT calls for transparency and accountability in diamond dealings.

…non-furtherance of parochial political party gains at expense of country.

The National Youth Development Trust is chary of the diamond deal between Zimbabwe and the Indian firm SRDSIL. The move ought to be welcome effort towards economic development and rejuvenation but like the Marange diamond news; it remains to be seen.

The deal allegedly comes with the skills training of 2000 youths in India in cutting and polishing of diamond. However, the nation needs to guard against the abuse of young people in such schemes because history has it that most of the activities tend to advance political parties’ interests. This also comes against the background of mass politicisation of such programmes that draw huge numbers of youths as the National Youth Service (NYS) programme that drew thousands of young people to brainwash them and build a ZANU PF support base and agency of violence.

We are wary of the Supa Mandiwanzira-led Zimbabwe  Diamond Consortium which has clear links to ZANU PF allegedly signing deals on behalf of Zimbabwe. Are they not signing our minerals away so as to bankroll ZANU PF violent campaigns? The consortium has to convince the nation that it is not covering for ZANU PF militia training in India; the credentials of prospective candidates and the objectives of the partnership should be indubitable. We also call upon the Ministry of Youth and the Inclusive Government, particularly the presumably progressive elements, to play a clear role in ensuring that the program is not hi-jacked by ZANU-PF. The case of Chiyadzwa has provided clear lessons for the nation. NYDT therefore calls for a clear and holistic selection criteria.

There is therefore a strong need to scrutinise whether the partnership with the Indian firm is based on principles that are in tandem with genuine economic development and employment opportunities for all. Will the proceeds from the exploitation of these resources directly feed into the fiscus and better our education, health, and standard of living for civil servants and generality of Zimbabweans rather than fattening the purses of Mandiwanzira, ZANU PF and colleagues?

NYDT calls upon all responsible citizens to vigilantly guard against the abuse of the nation’s resources for personal or partisan aggrandizement; we shall continue to call for accountable, transparent, consistent and democratic governance in Zimbabwe.


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  1. Posted by O'Brain on November 16, 2010 at 11:06 pm

    History has it penned down in its scriptures that; not only ZANUPF but any other political institution that is in power


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