Democracy is a fair
and free election
With the winner taking all
and loser taking nothing
Democracy is
The man who loses elections
and refuses to vacate the throne
Democracy is
The duty roster of ruling a country
Democracy is
The process of admitting
that you are another man’s fool

There is democracy everywhere
No one need define it for anyone
Father’s boss gives father hard work
and less pay
Father comes home to beat mother
for serving sadza without the meat he never bought
Mother beats child for looking at her cry
Child hits dog for blocking way
Dog bites the passing thug
for not killing father from the bar
This is democracy
Shared pain

Democracy is freedom of speech
But no after speech
Democracy is
calling your president a dictator
Democracy is
white man saying he owns land on African soil
Democracy is
the African thug killing a white man in Europe
Democracy is
you learning kungfu shouting “k’i-a”
When the Chinese Ambassador speaks through an interpreter
Democracy is
selling diamonds by a license from a country without them
Democracy is
having opposition parties
Calling ruling parties useless and old
Democracy is
the method of dividing and ruling fools
Democracy is
you pointing a finger at me and say “Mkwerekwere”
Democracy is
the government hanging a killer
Letting the army live after shooting hundreds in diamonds fields

I don’t need a lecture on democracy
I know democracy
I know death-
I know suffering-
I know pain-
-So, I know democracy-


One response to this post.

  1. Posted by McLennin on July 28, 2010 at 7:41 pm

    …you may want to put up a poetry page or smethng…try to have your alerts clearly on a separate page as well. you have the issues but they are not coming out. please give us raw stories from the ground. conbsider:
    1. Citizen journalism
    2. True life/individual stories from the youths in Lupanhe, you guys can consider even interviewing some youth and publish facts
    3. please make sure that you look into your spellings as well
    4. you may also have some brief talks, that is, videos of young leaders tal;king on issues in you country…upload thgemn
    5. use technology to the fullest
    6. please tell us aboiut what is happening around tghe counstitution, actually if you actually show your organisation;s role in the transition of your country you will earn a bigger audience

    do you guys know how much work you are failing to really convince many people on what you are doing?

    …i do not mean to offend, was given your e-mail by our zximbabwean office…keep going-zim youths need peole like you


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