Cadetship Scheme – Great concern is being raised by the fact that more and more students are finding themselves being forced to apply for the government cadetship scheme . Under the cadetship scheme, government pays a college student’s fees on condition that upon completion of their studies they will have to work for a government department and be obliged to pay a third of his or her monthly earnings upon securing a job for a period that he or she will be bonded.
Due to the terrible financial state most parents find themselves in, they are being forced to tie their children to these contracts which spell near slavery to the state as government salaries are so meagre that it will take many decades if not a life time to pay back what they owe back and be release from bondage.
NYDT calls upon government to priorities education as a basic need not to be used to enslave young people to its departments. Government must be able to pay competitive salaries so that parents can afford to pay fees and graduates can be attracted to work for government departments without coercion.

Human Trafficking Alert – Police officers in Bulawayo have dismissed rumours that there is an upsurge in Human trafficking cases in the region blaming the alarm on a botched Public Relations operation by police officers who have been doing campaigns on the subject around the city.
However reports have been rife in the past month of disappearances of children and rumours of ritual murders in the city. An increase in the number of police roadblocks in Bulawayo has left a lot of questions unanswered and has led some to ask if the crises is not being covered up to maintain a good image to tourists during to 2010 soccer world cup.
Whatever the case parents must take necessary precaution as always as prevention is always better than cure.

Youth Fund – Young people in Bulawayo, Matabeleland and other regions continue to beckon government to decentralise the distribution of the National Youth fund as well as increase the amount being given out as the current $1000 is not enough to launch viable businesses. The idea is seen as a noble one but currently stands as one doomed to fail due to the fact that the amount being given out, interest rates as well as the 6month payback period do not allow young people to explore their ideas fully and expertly.

Trainings Children’s Rights – The NYDT in partnership with Youth Agenda have held a one day training workshop on Children’s rights is Lupane as a way of alerting children in rural areas of their basic rights and the need for them to be fully represented in the drafting of a new constitution. The training which included students from Mabhikwa and Fatima High Schools was a pilot project to take rights issues to children in remote areas of Zimbabwe. The workshop was themed “Enhancing Children’s Participation In the New Constitution Making Process”. Meanwhile ZYPO Leadership Academy is conducting a five day training on children’s rights for professionals and NGOs in Bulawayo. This is a welcomed development especially in light of the number of organisations that work in the area of Children’s rights.

World Youth Convention – Njabulo Moyo, Projects Officer for NYDT will be attending a World youth convention for the Salvation Army Church in Sweden from the 1 to the 19th of July. The convention which is being held under the theme “Raised Up”, is meant to empower young people for the mission of saving souls, growing saints and saving suffering humanities as part of the larger Salvation Army Church mission. More than a thousand youths from 119 countries where the Church has branches are expected to converge in the Swedish capital for a series of conferences, workshops and group discussions focusing on ideas and experiences from their respective backgrounds. NYDT hopes Moyo will be a good ambassador for Bulawayo and Zimbabwean youths and that he will bring back a lot of knowledge to share with fellow youths and Christians.


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