St Paul Elect Youth Councilor.

St. Paul Elects Youth Councilor.
The National Youth Development Trust held a Policy Dialogue Meeting in Lupane’s St Paul ward, on 22nd May 2010 in which the Youth Councilor for the ward was elected. The election of the youth councilor is the seventh election after six other wards elected their youth councillors who will constitute the Lupane Youth Council.
The deliberations at the meeting were centered on the topic: “The Role of the Councilor in Mainstreaming Youth Concerns in Local Governance”. The aim of the meeting was to raise awareness on the basic duties of the councilor since most of the youths are not aware, also to come up with strategies on how the youths can be involved in policy formulation and decision making. Mollet Mpofu, the elected Youth Councilor will represent the young people and bridge the gap between them and the local authorities. The meeting created a platform for the youths to be actively involved in the discussion and openly air their views and their wishes as far as youth developmental activities are concerned.
The Kusile Rural District Council welcomed the idea of the creation of the Lupane Youth Council as a platform that will prove that young people are not only there to be mobilized to partake in political violence but could also make meaningful contribution towards the development of their communities. The St Paul councilor, Mr Zett Ncube was present at the meeting and urged youths to work closely with their representative and to participate the constitution making and also claim their rights from the council and government of Zimbabwe.
NYDT also held another local meeting that was held in Pumula North Hall as it undertakes to develop sustainable leadership qualities in the youths so that they contribute effectively in issues that affect them. The meeting was conducted under the same topic of discussion as a way of encouraging youth interaction and participation in various activities that aim to equip them for the challenges they encounter socially, economically and politically. The meeting also sought to empower youths to skilfully demand their rights from the local authorities considering that they are affected by decisions that are made without consultation or on their behalf.
NYDT is a Youth council’s initiative that saw the formation of the Bulawayo Youth Council and the Lupane Youth Council (being formed). The formations are a product of the Young Voices in Local governance project that aims to strengthen local democracy. Through the project, the organization seeks to create platforms for young people to engage with the public policy formulators at the local level. The organization seeks to continue to empower youths with knowledge and skills to effectively claim their rights from local/national government and exercise their socio-political responsibilities for the development of their communities and Zimbabwe.


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