Young people in Bulawayo have once again reiterated the need for the Ministry of Youth to address them on development issues within the sector paying particular emphasis on the National Youth Fund.
Young people drawn from various organisations attending a focus group meeting at the NYDT offices to discuss the National Youth Fund said it was time the Minister of youth Mr Saviour Kasukuwere made time for young people in this part of the country as a priority in the development of the whole nation. While representatives from the ministry in Bulawayo were invited, no one from the office showed up to explain the manner in which young people in Bulawayo and Matabeleland in general can access these funds.
Like at previous meetings held on the same topic, Youths in civic society complained of the lack of adequate information on the fund, the interest rate of 8% per annum, the 6month payback period, the need for a guarantor and the use of commercial banks that are not available in remote areas to distribute these funds.
Speaking at the same meeting, Emmanuel Ndlovu, a youth activist and Advocacy and Information officer for the Bulawayo Progressive Residents Association (BPRA) said that at no time had the silence of young people been as dangerous to their well being as it is now. Ndlovu said youths have a huge role to play in this transitional period and that no one would take up that role on that behalf.
A steering committee was set up to draft a petition that will demand that the Minister of youths address them on these and other issues relating to young people in Zimbabwe as soon as possible.
NYDT will be holding focus group meeting every fortnight covering various issues affecting young people in Zimbabwe. The next meeting will be on the 19th of March 2010. You can be a part of these meetings and have your voice heard and you may suggest issues for the meetings by emailing us at, or calling 0912 893 120/0913 269 824/011 728 210.


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