Lupane Youths Trained in Local Governance Leadership

Local Governance Training

Vumani Ndlovu, Thunyiwe Zidla and Royal Ntini after facilitating a successful two day workshop

Vumani Ndlovu, Thunyiwe Zidla and Royal Ntini after facilitating a successful two day workshop

Youths in Lupane have welcomed the initiative taken by the National Youth Development Trust (NYDT) to train them in local governance and basic leadership skills and have called for the formation of a Lupane Youth Council in the mold of the Bulawayo Youth Council that is currently making strides in calling young people to action in their communities.
The two day training workshop which took place on the 1st and 2nd of October 2009 attracted youths from the Matabeleland North Provincial capital’s 29wards and had a good response from young women who made up more than half of the 30 young people in attendance at the practicum.
Mr. Royal Ntini, Mr. Vumani Ndlovu and Ms Thunyiwe Zidla all Lupane locals, facilitated at the workshop, a move that was made to build confidence in local resource persons to whom the youths could still refer after the workshop. Topics covered during the seminar include, Leadership Principles, Leadership Change and Conflict Management, Human Rights Monitoring at Local Government level, Mobilisation, Lobbying and Advocacy, Local Government Structures and Role(s), Community Involvement in Local Governance and Lupane Youths and the Local Council: Synergy Building amongst others. The topics were designed to make young people better able to identify solutions to problems in their communities, take leading roles in implementing them while at the same time being able to engage their local leaders on policy issues that affect them at a local and national level.

Local Councilor Mr Kane Mpofu who took time away from his usual business to fully take part in the workshop said the Kusile District Council could do with some youthful members and called upon organisations like NYDT to take an active role in capacitating youths in remote Zimbabwe to take up leadership roles.
NYDT endevours to take these trainings to young people all over the country especially in the remote areas where youths still have a long way to go in realizing their full potential as today’s leaders and the masterminds of solutions to problems that bedevil our nation today. We envisage young people first taking the lead in their respective communities which will in turn build confidence and move the whole nation to action towards making room for a new generation of young and visionary leaders.


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