NYDT/BYC Giving Back to the Community

In a move to promote social responsibility, a sense of belonging and the recognistion of orphans and vulnerable children in our communities, the National Youth Development Trust through the Bulawayo Youth Council (BYC) will be conducting a clean up session at Thembiso Children’s Home in Luveve on Saturday the 17th of October.

The exercise will involve young people from within the two bodies as well as from the Luveve and Emakhandeni townships. Thembiso Children’s home is a Free Presbyterian Church of Scotland run institution that takes care of Orphaned and vulnerable children from birth to the age of Sixteen with an exception to those who fail to be self sustainable after this age.

Currently the institution has 53 young people in its quarters, the youngest being 8months old and the oldest being 20 years old. NYDT seeks to cultivate a sense of belonging and fellowship amongst these children most of whom have never known any other home or family. It is to make them know that there are people outside the institution’s four walls that care and want to make their environment and lives better.

Handsome Maseko and Clifford Mpofu the youth councilors for wards 10 and 11 respectively, will take the lead in giving back to their communities as a sign of being part of the change that they want to see.

“The theme for this event will be Caring for the Young through the Promotion of a Healthy Environment”


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