Pumula High Scoops Top Prize in Bilingual High Schools Public Speaking Competition

The National Youth Development Trust (NYDT) successfully held its Annual Bilingual High Schools Public Speaking competition on the 18th of September 2009.

The event which placed 16 Bulawayo schools against each other was aimed at gathering views and recommendations from school going youths on different aspects of the socio-political and economic issues in Zimbabwe.

The themes which covered the constitution making process in Zimbabwe, national healing, youths and sustainable development, youth migration to other countries and the Inclusive Government, were designed to steer young people’s thoughts on the prevailing conditions in Zimbabwe as well as give them the opportunity to have a say on what they think should be done.

Present as guest of honour at this event was the Bulawayo metropolitan province’s governor in waiting and MP for Nketa constituency Mr Seiso Moyo who expressed delight at witnessing young minds critique the socio- political situation in the country especially at a time when many youths have stopped actively participating in responsible nation building programmes.

The acting programmes manager for NYDT, Mr Mmeli Dube also expressed satisfaction at the participation of schools saying the strike by teachers had to a certain extent affected the response to the event by schools as there was no one to coordinate the Public Speaking teams at some schools. However, he said the fact that more than 32 students from 16 schools, some without the guidance of their teachers, managed to prepare their speeches and battle it out impressively on the day was a sign that young people had burning issues that they wanted heard.

Brian Dube from Inyanda High School is the only student out of 32 contestants who chose to deliver his speech in IsiNdebele, a sign that most students were not comfortable relating serious issues in their mother tongue. Dube gave a remarkable and well thought out speech which earned him second place in the top three.

The first prize went to a female student Veronica Moyo of Pumula High School, who captivated the audience with her creative impromptu speech in IsiNdebele titled “Isicathulo”. Moyo is also the reigning Bulawayo Metropolitan Province’s BSPZ Super Schools Public Speaking Champion. NYDT will be taking this competition to Lupane schools who will challenge each other on the same themes come 2nd October 2009.

Excelling in Speech

Excelling in Speech


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