It Has Been 100 Days of Very Slow Progress: Youths.

The Bulawayo Youth Council (B.Y.C) successfully held two policy dialogue meetings in the constituencies of Bulawayo south and Pumula in the last weekend, where the inclusive government was given a mark of 50% for attempts made so far to normalize the situation in the country.

The meetings, which had an average attendance of 60 young people each, were held to evaluate the inclusive government’s 100day plan following the lapse of the said 100 days on the 6th of August.

The meetings were held under the theme Zimbabwe’s inclusive Government in the first hundred days: A Reflection of Hope or Doom and they looked at the progress Zimbabwe has made so far in the five clusters namely the Economic, Security, Rights and Interests, Infrastructure and the Social areas.

The views expressed by young people at both meetings were that while there was considerable improvement in different aspects of peoples’ lives in the country, the change was excruciatingly slow and they felt that its failures were due to a lack of commitment by parties to the Global Political Agreement (GPA) to fulfill their obligations in the accord to the fullest extent.

“While we acknowledge the fact that there has been an improvement in the delivery of basic goods and services in the country, we cannot ignore the fact that our freedoms are still being threatened by a defiant and partisan security system and a media that continues to be polarized” said a young man at Tshabalala’s Indlovu Youth Centre.

“We appreciate the progress made so far by the inclusive government thus far, but this progress is being negated by the slow pace in areas that can guarantee the sustenance of this positive environment.” Said another youth in Pumula.

Areas of concern sighted were the slow progress in the drafting of a new constitution, in the appointment of ambassadors and governors, as well as the delay in the calling of
By-elections in constituencies that have been left vacant for different reasons.

In attendance at both meetings were senior councilors, Mrs. Jennifer Bent of ward 6, Mr Reuben Matengu of ward 21, Mr Siboniso Kumalo of ward 27, Mr Ephraim Ncube of ward 17, Mr Clayton Zana of ward 17 who attended meetings held in their respective constituencies. A detailed outline of the positives, negatives as well as recommendations made by young people on what can be improved within each cluster will be sent to you in due course.


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