B.Y.C Takes National Healing Process Debate to Lupane Youths.

Zimbabwe’s National healing and reconciliation process will this Sunday be debated by Young people in Lupane to bring to a conclusion a series of dialogues held by the Bulawayo Youth Council (B.Y.C) under the theme National Healing or Political Gimmick: Will the Current Process Achieve True Peace.


Lupane, also the capital of the Matabeleland North province, withholds a lot of Zimbabwe’s tragic history on Gukurahundi. Sites of mass graves in the area are very visible but still officially unmarked and unacknowledged more than three decades later. Possibly, thousands of Lupane residents are direct or indirect victims of the 1980’s murders and the young people of the province still suffer the effects of that era even up to today.


While the National healing mantra is being chanted through state media that hardly reaches rural folk, Young people in remote Zimbabwe are being left out of this crucial debate that will shape theirs and their children’s destinies.


It is with this in mind that the B.Y.C has decided to include young people in Lupane’s voices in the current consultations to draft the next position paper on the ideal national healing, reconciliation and truth recovery process for Zimbabwe.


The meeting will start at 10am at the women’s center in Lupane town with a presentation from civic activist Nhlanhla Mpofu who has researched widely on the programme and its implementation in other countries as well. All are welcome especially young people that have the will to be heard and wish to start shaping the future of this country today.


“Come Let us Reason Together” Isiah 1:18



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