Youths Want Distinct Voice in New Constitution

Young people have their say on the drafting of a new constitution for Zimbabwe

Young people have their say on the drafting of a new constitution for Zimbabwe

More than 50 young people gathered at Luveve Youth center on Saturday to share their views on what they desire as young people in the new constitution.

The meeting which also attracted the Luveve constituency member of Parliament Mr Regis Moyo, unpacked the reasons for youth participation in the drafting of a new constitution and also touched on the very pertinent issues that affect young people on a day to day basis that only the constitution of the land can resolve. These include the marginalization of Youths in the southern parts of the country, mainly Matabeleland, unemployment, education, crime, HIV/AIDS, teenage parenthood, languages and culture, religion and access to the country’s wealth and natural resources.

One of the major issues highlighted was the fact that young people feel left out of civic and community organised functions. While the older participants argue that young people hardly ever show interest in civic and community issues, the youth responded by saying little or no effort has been made to grow or attract them to such functions which are almost always designed without young people in mind.

Selina Dube, the youth councilor for ward 15 went a step further by saying most youth shy away from national building processes because they have mainly been politicized especially in the last decade. She said young people are tired of being used as weapons of political feuds from which they did not benefit. She said now was their opportunity to do something for themselves, to benefit them and the generations to come.

The next Policy dialogue meeting will be this Saturday the 18th of July in the Mpopoma/Phelandaba constituency at the iNyathi Youth Center. The New Constitution shall continue as our area of focus with Godwin Phiri playing the facilitator’s role. Refer to this space later on in the week for more information on the upcoming event.


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